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Le Voyage De Sa Vie (Book On CD) (French Edition) Book Pdf

Le Voyage de sa vie (Book on CD) (French Edition) Book PDF

Le Voyage de sa vie (The Journey of His Life) is a French novel written by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray, and published by Blaine Ray Workshops and Command Performance Language Institute in 2001. It is the fourth novel in the easiest series of French novels in existence for 1st- or 2nd-year students. The book is available in paperback and audio CD formats.

Le Voyage De Sa Vie (Book On CD) (French Edition) Book Pdf

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The novel tells the story of Jean-Luc Bartolin, a sixteen-year-old boy from Denver, Colorado, who goes to Switzerland with his family. He is the only witness to the theft of an object of great monetary, cultural and personal value. The thief tries to kill him, but Jean-Luc manages to escape and find help. Along the way, he meets a girl named Monique, who becomes his friend and ally. Together, they try to solve the mystery and recover the stolen object.

The novel is written in simple and clear French, with a vocabulary of about 150 words. It uses the past tense and includes some cultural information about Switzerland. The book is suitable for beginners who want to improve their reading comprehension and listening skills in French. The audio CD version is narrated by native speakers and follows the text of the book.

If you are interested in reading or listening to this novel, you can download a PDF version of the book from this link. You can also order a paperback or audio CD copy from Amazon or other online retailers.

We hope you enjoy this novel and learn some French along the way!


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