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免费下载Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版,享受最新的航空数据

免费下载Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版享受最新的航空数据

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版是一款专业的航空图册软件可以为飞行员提供全球的航空信息包括机场图航路图进近图等Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版可以在Windows系统上安装和更新让你随时随地查看最新的航空数据

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC


Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版的特点有

  • 提供超过10000个机场的详细信息包括跑道滑行道停机位导航设施等

  • 提供全球的航路图显示各种航路航点空域限制区等

  • 提供各种进近图包括ILSVORNDBRNAV等以及机场周边的地形和障碍物

  • 支持多种显示模式包括夜间模式地形模式天气模式等

  • 支持打印和导出功能可以将所需的图表打印出来或者导出为PDF格式

  • 支持与其他Jeppesen产品的集成如eLink for Windows, JetPlanner等

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版的安装步骤如下

  • 从以下链接下载Jeppesen Program and Data Disc约3 GB

  • 创建一个新文件夹将下载的文件解压到该文件夹中

  • 打开文件夹双击setup.exe文件

  • 输入你的Jeppesen序列号和覆盖区域代码如果需要

  • 选择JeppView for Windows然后按照提示完成安装过程

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版是飞行员必备的航空图册软件可以帮助你获取最准确的飞行导航现在就免费下载Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版让你的飞行更安全更便捷


Free download of Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version, enjoy the latest aviation data

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version is a professional aviation atlas software that can provide pilots with global aviation information, including airport charts, route charts, approach charts, etc. Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version can be installed and updated on Windows system, allowing you to view the latest aviation data anytime and anywhere.

The features of Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version are:

  • Provide detailed information of more than 10,000 airports, including runways, taxiways, parking stands, navigation facilities, etc.

  • Provide global route charts, showing various routes, waypoints, airspace, restricted areas, etc.

  • Provide various approach charts, including ILS, VOR, NDB, RNAV, etc., as well as terrain and obstacles around the airport

  • Support multiple display modes, including night mode, terrain mode, weather mode, etc.

  • Support printing and exporting functions, you can print or export the required charts as PDF format

  • Support integration with other Jeppesen products, such as eLink for Windows, JetPlanner, etc.

The installation steps of Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version are as follows:

Download the Jeppesen Program and Data Disc (about 3 GB) from the

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版不仅可以在电脑上使用还可以与iPad或其他移动设备同步让你在飞行中也能方便地查看航空图表你只需要在iPad上安装JeppFD应用然后通过WiFi或USB连接你的电脑就可以将Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版的数据传输到iPad上这样你就可以在iPad上享受高清的航空图表以及各种实用的功能如动态地图飞行计划天气信息等

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版的数据是每28天更新一次的你可以通过Jeppesen Program and Data Disc或者在线更新的方式来获取最新的数据为了保证你的飞行安全我们建议你在每次飞行前都检查一下你的数据是否是最新的如果你有任何问题或者需要帮助你可以随时联系Jeppesen的客服或者技术支持我们将竭诚为你服务

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC版是由Jeppesen公司开发的Jeppesen公司是世界领先的航空信息服务提供商拥有80多年的历史和经验Jeppesen公司为全球超过1000家航空公司机场政府机构军事部门等提供高质量的航空数据和解决方案帮助他们提高飞行效率和安全性Jeppesen公司的使命是让飞行更简单我们致力于为飞行员提供最好的航空图册软件


Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version can not only be used on the computer, but also can be synchronized with iPad or other mobile devices, so that you can easily view the aviation charts during the flight. You only need to install the JeppFD app on your iPad, and then connect your computer via WiFi or USB, you can transfer the data of Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version to your iPad. In this way, you can enjoy high-definition aviation charts on your iPad, as well as various useful functions, such as dynamic map, flight plan, weather information, etc.

The data of Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version is updated every 28 days, you can get the latest data through the Jeppesen Program and Data Disc or online update. To ensure your flight safety, we suggest you check whether your data is up to date before each flight. If you have any questions or need help, you can contact Jeppesen's customer service or technical support at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Jeppview Cycle 1613 PC version is developed by Jeppesen company, Jeppesen company is the world's leading aviation information service provider, with more than 80 years of history and experience. Jeppesen company provides high-quality aviation data and solutions for more than 1,000 airlines, airports, government agencies, military departments, etc. around the world, helping them improve flight efficiency and safety. Jeppesen company's mission is "to make flying easier", we are committed to providing pilots with the best aviation atlas software.) c5e3be4c90


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